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Who Should Participate?

Are you looking for a fast growing and stable economy? Are you looking for a market entry point to Africa? Are you looking for new markets for your sector? Seeking new trade partnerships? Or an exciting and new travel destination? Look no further!

Joins us for this Trade and Cultural Forum to learn more about Ghana’s unique trade opportunities for your businesses.

Come and meet with Captains of Industries from Ghana, Ghanaian business experts and professionals in business sector and learn more about trade partnerships and investment opportunities.

Discover the various opportunities in:
Manufacturing services
  • Cleantech – smart energy solutions, waste to energy, water sanitation, renewable energy
  • Recycling of plastic waste.
  • Value-Added Agriculture.
  • Optimization of Agricultural Production – Food safety, increase crop yield, crop storage mechanism.
  • Tourism and Creative industry - Water tourism,
  • Fashion and Design
  • Organic Agriculture– Shea butter production, soya, cashew, organic cosmetics
  • Trade agencies and consulting – Business expansions to West Africa.
  • Other sectors include, Education, Healthcare, Energy and to name a few...

    Expected Ghanaian Sectors For The Trip

    - Kente cloths and clothing
    - Ghanaian sandals and shoes
    - Ghanaian Jewellery (Gold, Diamond, Silver, Copper, Beads, etc)
    - Agro and Fisheries Production
    - Processed foods
    - Agricultural produce; cocoa/shea nut products
    - Agricultural produce; soya bean/cashew/cassava products
    - General clothings in Ghanaian style (Smocks, Textiles and Garments)
    - Wood carvings and other wooden artifacts
    - Drums and other Ghanaian musical instruments
    - Herbal products from Ghanaian companies
    - Oil and Gas entrepreneurs
    - Oil and Gas engineers and experts
    - Green energy; biogas, solar
    - Other innovative Ghanaian products by Ghanaian companies
    - Shippers and freight forwarders

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